( FRACAS ), Chapter I

Initiated by three creatives, 'Fracas' is a gallery and online platform dedicated to conceptual design and contemporary crafts. Through its first exhibition, Fracas creates a setting for works from different creators that combine personal fascinations with traditional crafts. Creating a dialogue between objects, Fracas positions itself as a place for exchange and discussion about contemporary practices in design. It questions the role of crafts and auto-production in our society as well as that of individual insights and fascinations in the creative process. Walking through the gallery space brings the public into different universes that are built upon the creators interests, ranging from studies of architecture and colors to the creation of a fictive digital archeology. Moreover, the showcased work also highlights the place of coincidence and constraint within the act of making. This first exhibition will be structured by different events such as happenings, workshops and lectures, ensuring a broad access to this exchange of creativity. So join in, watch, listen and take part in Fracas' first chapter.