Buy now Pay later. Everything should be ecodesign

From September 7th to October 7th, MAD will be presenting the exhibition Buy Now Pay Later. Everything should be ecodesign.

Buy Now Pay Later is the personal credit slogan that symbolizes blind, thoughtless consumption. Removed from its traditional context, this consumerist slogan here confronts us with a highly pragmatic reality. What if one were to calculate the impact of each product purchased now in order to assess the ecological price that will have to be paid later?
Is it even possible to talk about politics these days without talking about ecology? And likewise, can one even manufacture an object without considering the issue of the ecological footprint? Obviously not. Every object should be ecodesign. To break the deadlock of the linear economy in which waste continues to pile up, it will be necessary to design products that can be easily reused, repaired, reinvented and recycled.

The exhibition explores and disrupts the codes, directly addressing viewers concerns as consumers.