Lise El Sayed was born in 1980 in France. After completing training in visual arts, she studied textile design at La Cambre National School of Visual Art in Brussels. Since 2007 Lise El Sayed works on self-initiated projects and productions in Brussels.
Lise El Sayed follows a personal approach centred on objects and textiles. Her work focuses on the research of textile, materials and structures and how these influence the use and identity of everyday objects. Characterized by their diversity, her products are simple and coherent. Behind each of her pieces, there is a story, one that involves material, people, usage and memory.
Series of objects spring forth from investigations of and experimentations with materials, open without any preconceptions concerning the results; a mirror, a shelf, a cover, a rug, … Day-to-day objects illuminated by an original approach She explores different possible levels of working on the design of textiles, from the raw material to the finished product.
Both craft-related and industrial process are used, sometimes successively, on the same object. She deals with different types of structures and with processes that reveal unexpected aspects of the materials. Radical and precise gesture give used or discarded items a new shape and functionality.
---------- Porte-Bagages (luggage rack)
(Luggage rack) is inspired by the old train rack, made of threads. A serie of adjustable shelves whose storage space is determined by the content's volume, weight and form, it adapts and transforms to collect our everyday objects, and unconsciously invites to travel,

An oriental carpets with a contemporary flavour, playing with today's visual codes, the motif is "pixelised" and the colours are lively .Our look wanders along the small colorful squares and recreates the illusion of an oriental carpet.

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