Nathalie Auzépy - HUMAN URBAN NATURE - “Amour, espace et perception”

Nathalie Auzépy is an artist and a space designer.
Several of her artworks were acquired by the region of Brussels and its municipalities.
Nathalie, lover of Belgium inaugurates her new polymorphic artplace dedicated to the creation.
Design September is the opportunity for her to invite you in "preview" to discover a part of its creativity.

Recovering Movement and Life where there is not anymore, to repair a link which is broken, to transform the darkness in light, to recreate love and understanding for a world softer and "connected" to life and spirituality.
Nature as the creative and suggestive power
Urbanity as the social and alive human architecture.
Human being: « us » ...
3 bases in connection and in permanent evolution and rebirth in their perception, in their spatial structure with the society, the emotionnal, and the spiritual relationship.
The Spirit of life as the point of cohesion.
Both themes and fields of experimentation, these 3 elements come to dialogue for this poetic exhibition which questions our foundations of the perception of our world and humanity.
Furniture, Lighting, Interactive Sculptures, Videos and Photography :
« The Tree of Life » - Tree Sound sculpture (acoustic and electronic) and interactive.
« The Sacred Woman » : sculptures, photography and vidéo
« Funky Space » : furniture and lighting
« Fallen Angel »....