As a textile and visual artist, Geneviève Levivier has exhibited internationally her contemporary tapestries rich of innovation and poetry (Museum of Sculpture of Sao Paulo, Triennale of Milan, Exposition Universelle of Milan, Textifood-Lille3000...) For this edition, dedicated to eco-textiles, she will present her latest large-format textile creations EGGSHELL by GENEVIEVE LEVIVIER®. These creations have already received significant recognition: An innovation grant, finalist at the 2018 Incidence Trophy for a circular economy, distinguished by the publication "60 Walloon innovations 2017" and have been exhibited at the Universal Exhibition Milan and at the Textifood-Lille3000. After having created for 10 years, with her studio A + Z DESIGN®, the most refined and surprising textiles for the most prestigious fashion houses, such as Dior, Alaïa or Gaultier, Geneviève Levivier is nowadays mainly devoted to the creation of contemporary tapestries and in situ installations rich in visual and tactile surprises.