Libre Objet - Make your own copy

This year, the Libre Objet* Workshop will focus on the question of copying in the context of product/object design field. Since it's a touchy topic for creators and the overall design industry, we will challenge this by making actual copies, explore the possibilities, rights and use limitations of iconic designs, archetypes and open-source objects. Through this practical experiment, we will discuss hacking, relaying and sharing and how copy can be a creative way to design. During the day, each participant could make his/her own copy with the available materials and tools. Those functional objects can be taken by the end of the workshop. No prerequisites required A financial contribution of €30 will be requested for the organization and use of materials. Open to 10 participants - inscription by mail - - 1 day * As a group of industrial and graphic designers, hackers and artists, gathered together under the name Libre Objet, we all share a common question about open source industrial design, processes and products resulting from our work, with the aim of providing tools for accessing a free philosophy applied to the manufacture of objects. During a seminar at Medialab Prado in Madrid, Libre Objet has published the book "Diverted Derived Design" about open source applied to object designs. This book will be consultable and sold on site.