Invitation à découvrir un design de mobiliers épurés

Invitation to discover a minimalist design having for particularity the flexibility of the steel through the furniture. From the obtaining of the graduation in architecture in the UCL - on 2013 Brussels - comes to me the desire to express me in model and the need by passion to work with hands, to create and to make to concretize a sketch: I decide to launch into the design of furnitures and lamps. Of industrial type, the creations can arise from a brief line of pencil or directly during the manufacturing, like a the project in model, by considering as major purpose the needs for the user. The drawing is certainly essential, useful and plans the creation, but nothing is congealed, everything can change during the realization. The line and the angle are the base of my reflection and join with the steel and\or the wood to obtain minimalist creations in the purified and discreet lines. A particular series - the series Elasto - is designed for the seating and plays on the physical properties of the steel - the elasticity. By its rigid visual side of the steel, it is necessary to try to realize some comfort due to the flexibility of the steel. Elasto distances himself by the movement, the creations live!