Kruispunt / Interstices Designers interdisciplinaires uit Brussel by Feeling Wonen & Gael Maison

To create means getting off the beaten tracks. Finding one's way between the lines. Through 10 portraits of creative people in Brussels, the magazines Gael Maison and Feeling Wonen will tell you how design is about trespassing boundaries. Visual arts, arts & crafts, architecture, upcycling, open source, social activism… Each designer has developed his own special and personal mix. The Rotor collective, Annelys De Vet, Damien Gernay, Alexia Deville, by Madeleine, Pierre-Emmanuel Vandeputte or Ateliers J&J (among others) have all been portrayed for the two magazines by the talented Filip Van Roe. They'll be gathered for a visual and narrative best of Brussels.