LIVING FROG A journey through the different models of Piero Lissoni’s masterpiece, unveiling Living Divani style A point of reference in the landscape of design furnishings for the perfection, harmonious proportions and understated luxury of its upholstery creations, Living Divani returns to Brussels on September 14th together with its dealer Diito for ‘Brussels Design September’. The well-known showroom will host “Living Frog”, an exhibition-event entirely dedicated to Living Divani, with a scenographic setting - designed by Piero Lissoni, art director of the Italian brand - which winds through the space with the most famous pieces of the collection as an expression of the guidelines that have always characterized and distinguished every creation. The narrative is completed by a mood-board with technical details and styling objects, which contribute to giving life to the impeccable image of the Living Divani style, curated in every detail. The visitor is welcomed by a platform dedicated to presenting the Frog armchair, the iconic product designed in 1995 by Piero Lissoni that in 2015 celebrated its 20th anniversary. The wide, sprawling, spirited tribute to the most fairy-tale-like of animals, a frog ready to jump out of a puddle of water, the armchair is shown in some of its innumerable versions, revisitations that have renewed its image over time while still remaining entirely faithful to the original. The 5 models showcase the various profiles and the casual look that is always unique and has made it famous, becoming the leitmotif of its story and perfectly revealing the style, the world of living and the evolution of the Living Divani style. Following are the settings that perfectly converse with the different Frogs presented at the entrance, amplifying their concepts and articulating, in reference worlds, the 5 keywords of Living Divani design. 1. Iconicity Formal simplicity combined with the complexity of creation, an everyday sense of luxury based on aesthetic purity and the quality of details that distinguish the Living Divani style. Clean lines, to give maximum emphasis to geometries and volumes, and a meticulous attention to the proportions of individual elements and the harmony of the whole - these are the secret ingredients that, over the years, have transformed simple products into timeless icons. 2. Research The expressive and aesthetic research of Living Divani is articulated in the evolution and transformation of lines, going hand in hand with those of production and technology. The pieces of the Living Divani catalogue are the fruit of the perfect equilibrium between technological innovation, craftsmanship, industrial production and manual expertise. 3. Materials & Colours Quality and sophistication of materials have always characterized Living Divani collections. Highest quality materials such as leather, hide, rope, wicker, PVC, glass, metal and wood, worked with skill, are paired with flat or woven fabrics in colours ranging from neutral dyes of white, gray and beige to expressive tones of orange, red, green and blue, all without sacrificing strong decorative motifs. 4. Handmade Beauty as a fundamental component of every design, a real fixation for quality and a maniacal attention to every detail – these are the secrets of the perfection of Living Divani furniture, the added-value that differentiates and transforms a creation from prêt-à-porter to haute couture. Raw cut edges, visible seams, padded inserts, bold stitches and weaves are just some elements of the precise manual craftsmanship that embellishes the rigorous volumes of the brand's furnishings. 5. Creativity Cultures, sensibilities and experiences intertwine in the Living Divani collection. In keeping with a contemporaneousness mindful of change and open to internationalization, besides Piero Lissoni, the company has gradually involved in its catalogue a number of renowned designers and young talents, who offer different voices and visions that bring to the brand eclecticism and appeal to different parts of the world. LIVING DIVANI Perfection, harmonious proportions and understated luxury are the hallmarks of Living Divani, a dynamic and vibrant family-run business that has made furniture its trademark. Born in the early 1970s, the company has traced a precise path over time, establishing an intense dialogue with contemporary design and becoming a focal point in the design landscape. The strategic collaboration with Piero Lissoni, who since 1988 has occupied the twin role of art director and designer, has orchestrated the brand’s unique style of discretion and formal neutrality. Over the years an articulated offering of products has developed and progressed to a complete panorama, which revolves around an arrangement furnished by discrete forms and volumes paired with striking complements - chairs, armchairs, beds, tables, bedside and coffee tables, bookcases, rugs and an outdoor collection - which adapt and define every space, from the most essential and to the most rigorous, the most eclectic and the most decorative. Living Divani’s offering is also oriented to a contract with quality, technical performance and customization that has lead the company to be globally present in all sectors, from offices to banks, airports, hotels, waiting areas, museums, restaurants and showrooms. An important recognition of Living Divani’s story of excellence is its entry in 2012 to Altagamma, the foundation that brings together Italian companies of international reputation operating at the highest levels of their trade.