Géraldine Bertrand x La maison bruxelloise

During Design September 2016, La maison bruxelloise invites you to discover Geraldine Bertrand and her singular and graphic universe. "Knitwear Designer", Geraldine knits since her teenage years. After a degree in Communication, she launched her first collection of accessories .... fully hand knitted. In her subsequent collections, Geraldinekept on working the same way: preciously but so much time consuming, before she realized the limits of hand knitting. From that moment on, she decided to work with local small manufacturers. Not only do you feel Geraldine's passion when you entwine yourself in one of her plaids, or wrap one of her scarfs around your neck. But you also feel the smoothness and sweetness of the materials which she selected. 'I don't refuse any materials but my instinctive choices bring me towards natural and organic ones', says Geraldine. The work of Geraldine Bertrand will be exhibited in our atelier, an opportunity to discover the selection of vintage furnitures carefully searched and restored by La Maison Bruxelloise.