We, members of the « Kobalt » workshop, would like to seize the opportunity to create an open doors event during the Brussels Design September month. Art exhibitions, furniture and interior design will be the highlights of the day. Music and food will be also part of this sharing event for the public. As part of the old sugar refinery Graffe (19th century) the workshop is a testimony of the industrial business found at the Duchesse de Brabant square. Since 1979 it is a building devoted to art and creativity. Artists can now meet and work on a 150 m2 single platform (soon to become a private residence). Several zones are composing the place : offices, workshops and a sound studio. Our wish is to make this place available to the public and in so allowing it to understand and share the creative spirit of this unusual and unique site. Accordig to its original conception, our workshop is an union of talents, sometimes raw, confronting themselves to create refined artworks. The meeting of minds and matter is indeed in the heart of the « Kobalt » workshop.