En rouge et blanc

In the former delivery area for new cars of the Citroën garage, decked out in the car manufacturer’s colours (red and white), design objects from the collections of Kanal Centre Pompidou and ADAM paint the premises red and white.

Presented as though on a draughtboard, the objects indicate through their two colours a new modernity, both hedonistic and iconoclastic. In the 1960s, red and white, made popular by the pop aesthetic, established themselves with the arrival of plastics and synthetic materials. Echoing the flamboyant red is the minimalism of white objects, whose repetitive pattern expresses the design language of the time. Between industrial object and radical design, these works play with the borders between art and architecture. Moreover, the delivery area houses a spectacular prototype with an aerodynamic design: a car with biomorphic shapes by Luigi Colani, ready to go!

A project curated by the Department of Industrial and Prospective Design, Musée national d’art moderne, Centre Pompidou, in partnership with ADAM.

Event : 12.09.18 > 07.01.2019