At 212 Crown Avenue, an old cardboard brings AUXAU , architecture studio , and THE LOCAL , office space shared between creative freelancers . AUXAU brings together a young team of architects and volunteers eager to participate in the development of sustainable projects and quality, with wisdom and simplicity. The architectural practice of the workshop is based on the principle of "holes dictation", conveying the idea that each intervention will complement left empty to accommodate in perfect relation with the existing context. AUXAU imagine both the achievements of small scales, and projects of larger scope daily feeding our reflections on the act of building, developing a relationship of trust with the client. Our wish is to propose an architecture driven by the pleasure of creating friendly spaces for everyone, full of poetry and fragments of personal stories that will shape a unique and directly appropriated project. Etymologically, "AUXAU" borrows its name to the famous OXO stock cube which, as a flavor enhancer, does not change the flavor but increases the intensity. AUXAU is also a game ... a kind of puzzle, where the wishes of clients, natural, ecological, urban, technical and philosophical feed our general thinking to arrive at a coherent whole. Since April 2015, LE LOCAL, a quiet, comfortable and luminous working space settled in a refurbished backyard storage building in Ixelles, hosts seven coworkers strongly linked by their creative professions. Graphic design, digital art, illustration, film & editing, community management are the current practices that work independently and form hybrid collaborations when needed. Ideas, knowledge, ressources, tools and skills gravitate around LE LOCAL, linking individuals along with their assets in a productive and playful way. The love of entrepreneurship, the joy of creative freedom also nourishes daily life out here. The name 'LE LOCAL' finds its meaning in the double sense of the french word. Firstly indicating 'The room', where people criss cross and create, and secondly, 'Local' as the adjective revealing the idealistic aspect of the coworking space promoting local talents and values. Come discover this cool and original shared space where Aurore Caberghs, Emi Sakurai, Antoine Bruyns, Valentine De Cort, Silvia Baldan, Martin Pirson and Geoffroy Laucher are the happy creatives who form the local team today.