Galand - De Four Architects @ Wielemans Design Village

Galand – De Four architecture studio is made up of a multi-cultural multidisciplinary team. The plurality of experiences and perceptions amongst members of our team allows us to respond adequately to architectural programs participative in the complexity of our present-day society. Our aim as participative architects is to transcend the dreams and expectations of our clients. Our team retains an ongoing relationship with architectural theory, arts, and graphic design whilst taking into consideration present day influences such as politics, sociology, renewable energy sources, cutting edge technology and fashion. We believe that our combination of experience and youth, as well as our will to create buildings and furniture with intricate links to context, content, geometry form and function, demonstrates our aspiration to achieve quality and efficiency in our work. We have an intense belief in the notion of Genius Loci, allowing us to continually strive in achieving a strong sense of identity in relationship with time, place and human activity. You will discover within our studio models of past, present and unbuilt projects, competition documents, furniture prototypes, and our staff of dedicated designers and architects. We hope to be able to demonstrate our collective will through the presentation of present-day architectural thoughts and projects. We would be thrilled to be able to welcome your within our sphere to discuss how best to build for a better future. The 17th & 18th september, come and discover the Wielemans Design Village! An original experience and an occasion to talk about Architecture, Furniture & Lighting Design around our Food Truck.