The Enchanted Forest

BOVY BEMBERG / Daniel GALLO / Gérard COQUELIN / Hélène MORBU Charlotte BAILEY / Antoine VROMAN / Roi de BRUIJN / Maxime CROMBEZ Pipaluk LAKE / Adi TOCH / Isaac MONTÉ / Oldrich PLIVA On the occasion of Design September, HD Gallery proposes to unveil his project in a new exhibition ‘The Echanted Forest’. In the form of a revisited «cabinet de curiosité», the Gallery, with this rst part, invites to discover useful unique pieces and objects combining applied arts, design and contemporary art. Opening on September 17th & 18th from 11am to 6pm. The Gallery chooses to show the link between design and objects through a rst selection of artists and designers who exploit materials at the edge of their limits. She offers in a living space artists’ objects and design and thus reveals a panorama of applied art and useful objects. Unique pieces and limited editions are presented in a sort of enchanted forest combining materials, techniques, and knowledge - to discover, to approach but especially to understand and to live. The exhibition «The Enchanted Forest» brings together emerging and established designers and artists that go beyond the formal framework of their practice to offer a renewal or an over ow of form and matter producing unique pieces. Objects are thus equipped with a singular plasticity but also an intention, with a soul that their confer a unique status of objects to live with. The title of the exhibition played on the character teeming this creation that reveals a part of sublime, unexpected, mystery and surprise in these useful items. The Gallery presents works by emerging and established designers and artists during exhibitions designed as a Cabinet de Curiosité. The rst exhibition «The Enchanted Forest» opens the window of this exceptional creation combining works by Pipa Luklake, the Belgian designer Antoine Vroman of the ceramist Hélène Morbu, of the embroiderer Charlotte Bailey, Adi Toch’s silver vases, Oldrich Pliva, Maxime Crombez, Gérard Coquelin, Atelier Monté, Roi de Bruijn and Bovy Bemberg’s furniture, the lights by Daniel Gallo. The gallery made a bet to bring together artists and works of various in uences and inspirations to produce a space combining singular universes at the image of an enchanted forest. Opening: September, Saturday 17th & Sunday 18th, 11am-6pm Sophie Couret Donders