Casimir, 25 years of furniture making Jespers Atelier invited the belgium designer Casimir (born in 1966) for his work retrospective, from 90’s to nowadays and the presentation of new limited editions. Casimir designed wood furnitures with simple shapes and noble conceptions which make the object minimalist in its spirit and functionality. 13 pieces are regrouped for the first time in this house, built by Victor Bourgeois for sculptor Oscar Jespers in 1928. A meeting space for avant-garde, nowadays directed by Jean-François Declercq : « I’ve been immediately attracted by Casimir’s work, contemporary and beyond the trend. » Graduated from the industrial design institute in Genk (Stedelijk Hoger Instituut voor Visuele communicatie en Vormgeving), Casimir was the prestigious laureat from Henry van de Velde Award (2000) and flemish award (2004) for architecture and design following Maarten van Severen and Martin Margiela, with which he is sharing creative, theoretical and radical approach.