Spazio Nobile by Pro Materia Gallery

- Post Natural History, until 11 September 2016 Vincent Fournier, photography & 3D objects with Nathalie Dewez, Kaspar Hamacher, Carlo Brandelli, Tomáš Libertíny, Juliette Clovis and Glass is Tomorrow. - The Forest of Lights, from 15 September until 20 November 2016, a dialogue between Nathalie Dewez (lightings), Kaspar Hamacher (‘Einbaum’, wood design) and Jörg Bräuer (landscape photography). Pro Materia Gallery at ‘Piano Nobile’ is focusing on the cross-disciplinary connections and narrative between applied art, design and photography, as well as it is a space dedicated to culture and creation. Highlighting expertise in design and the applied arts (glass, metal, wood, ceramic, etc.) as well as in photography, it showcases at the 'piano nobile' of a 1920s house a harmonious melange of contemporaneity and sense of history. Pro Materia Gallery is the shared project of a couple made up of two art historians who have taken complementary paths in their own lives, Lise Coirier (Pro Materia, TL Magazine) & Gian Giuseppe Simeone (Culture Lab). For these two first exhibitions, Pro Materia Gallery hosts French artist Vincent Fournier for his Post Natural History exhibition, presented in the format of a contemporary cabinet of curiosities. The showcase runs through a large universe, linking photography with 3D application. The result of a great attention to contradictions and the imponderable, Fournier’s works are poetic and meticulous, freely nurtured by cinematographic and literary inspirations. The next exhibition Forest of Lights is a dialogue of unique pieces and limited editions between the lighting designer Nathalie Dewez, the ‘Einbaum’ wood designer Kaspar Hamacher and the landscape photographer Jörg Bräuer. Thanks to our partners : Bis Lighting, Delta Light, Kvadrat, Materialise, Michel Penneman, Lasvit, 2TEC2/Limited Edition, Thonet, Vervloet, Wästberg.