Inside MAD Lab

The MAD LAB is MAD’s laboratory, a unique hub for innovation and collective intelligence in Brussels dedicated to mutual exchange in the field of design. Ecodesign is an integral part of any creative process initiated in this multidisciplinary hub, which results in a unique definition when applied in fields including fashion, industrial, service, product, graphic, architecture or accessory design. While for many the term is still vague, the MAD LAB is where the future understanding of ecodesign is written. For the occasion of Brussels Design September 2018, the young creative talents from the MAD Residencies use the environment of the workspaces to exhibit a selection of projects and share the ins and outs of their creative processes, centered around a common scenography. The distinct backgrounds of the designers become apparent in the diverging interpretation and application of the ecodesign principles, emphasizing the relevance and applied character of ecodesign for our future. As this year is a milestone for the institution, former residents of MAD as well guest designers are invited to complete the perspective. It is THE occasion to peek behind the scenes and discover the current location of the hub, before its move to MAD’s headquarters.