Joias (working title: Interwoven) In the framework of her new project ‘Joias’ the Belgian journalist and curator Elien Haentjens invites three Belgian designers to do a residency in Brazil. During the summer of 2017 the trio lives and works with a traditional community that is specialised in working with natural fibres. By inviting designers with different backgrounds, Elien Haentjens wants to create not only a dialogue among the Belgians and the Brazilians, but also among the Belgians themselves. While Sep Verboom is specialised in working with local communities and traditional materials, Linde Freya Tangelder her strength is her love for materials and her ability to integrate emotionality and sensuality in objects. On the other hand Laura Caroen has as a textile designer a broad knowledge of the necessary techniques. Moreover both ladies already visited Brazil on their own: Linde has partly Brazilians roots and did a six months internship at the studio of Campana Brothers in São Paulo, while Laura – driven by her passion for traditional textile techniques – travelled several times through Brazil. With ‘Joias’ Elien Haentjens continues the exhibitions about Belgian design she curates since 2013 in Brazil. The first three years she brought already finished pieces from designers such as Maarten De Ceulaer, Raphaël Charles or Kinetura to Brazil in order to show them to the public. Last year she invited for the first time a Belgian designer to make new work directly inspired by the rich culture, crafts and the overwhelming nature of the impressive country. In close collaboration with the local craftswomen of the hamlet Coqueiro Campo (Minas Gerais) and the Belgian designer Sep Verboom, she realised Caro Barro, the heart-warming result of a fascinating Belgian-Brazilian cultural dialogue. Sep based his concept on the ceramic traditions of the community and the environment in which the woman live. The woman made the ceramic vases, decorated them and baked them in their small oven in their gardens. Ever since the woman make their artisanal ceramics completely out of natural materials. ‘Joias’ will be created during the summer of 2017. In the beginning of august it will be on show during the fifth edition of MADE, the design and art fair in São Paulo. The European première will take place during Design September 2017.