The 60 Rue des Tanneurs

The 60 rue des Tanneur is a common commercial space hosting two cooperatives: VIDYA AYURVEDA and ORYBANY. The 60 is located in Ateliers des Tanneurs, a sustainable business center initiated by Brussels CPAS’s. A remarkable architectural ensembly, the "Wine Palace" and the "Merché-Pède" are the testimony of a flourishing economic activity at the beginning of the last century. Classified since 2001, the block is the result of many transformations. The purchase of the block by Brussels’s CPAS is part of a heritage logical preservation and a urban renewal, Built in 1909 by the architect Fernand Symons, the Local 60 and its Art Nouveau facade are alone are a good reason to come and visit this place full of history.

VIDYA AYURVEDA - A cooperative with a social purpose in Brussels who challenged us to wake up the Superhero sleeping in us, awakening in all of us our "Super Powers" of consumer. By promoting local and / or artisanal, organic, ethical and sustainable products, we have a direct impact on our economy, our planet and our health. Every food or other purchase should become a committed and thoughtful citizen act.

OUR SHOP ONLINE - The HEROES SHOP offers you a whole range of products handpicked and corresponding to these values: Juice extractors, Blenders, Dehydrators, Osmoseurs, Herbal teas and Ayurvedic food supplements, Indian spices, Oils (essential, food, non-food), Books, ...

OUR STORE & RESTAURANT - our shop located in 60 Rue des Tanneurs, 1000 Brussels which also has a restaurant where you can eat a delicious live food, raw food, and also Cold-pressed fresh juice, hot raw soups, salads, raw desserts, wraps & duraw, hot & cold beverages (lattes, vegetal milks, infusions, ...), raw dishes (raw vegan creations) & cooked (germinated lentils dales, steamed vegetables, ...). You will also find all our eco-friendly products.

CREATIVE WORKSHOPS - Live and raw cuisine, Do it yourself, ... - will be regularly organized in the common area. Orybany is a space dedicated to Slow Fashion and Slow Living. "Pleasure and social conscience" can work well together!

At Orybany you will find creations of young Belgian and European craftsmen as well as European circular brands that work for an ethical and sustainable fashion. At Orybany you will find mainly women's, men's and children's clothing, accessories, jewelry, lighting, small furniture and decoration.
Some examples: lamps from the upcycling of the designer Biagio Vintage, purse made from inner tubes of the designer LiseRose Creation, origami jewelry by the designer TanukiCrea, backpacks made from tarpaulins of Distinc Design , sweaters made from recycled jeans of the Dutch brand Mud Jeans, baby dolls made from men's shirts by the designer Joseffa ,,,,

Orybany also offers creative workshops to take time for yourself: sewing, knitting, origami, basketry, jewelry, crochet, beauty products and zero waste maintenance, etc. Do not miss a date, check our calendar.

Orybany is also the organization of a craft market, the Re: Creation Hall Market every second Sunday of the month in the Great Hall of Tanners, an area classified Art Nouveau style. The next dates of Re: Creation Hall Market are:

September 9 from 10h to 16h: special edition back to school
October 14 from 10h to 16h: special wool
November 11 from 10h to 16h: special jewelry
December 8th & 9th from 10am to 6pm: Christmas market

Our medium-term goal: to create a cooperative that aims to honor and support local and artisanal creation. Promote and discover ethical and eco-responsible brands.

Our values ​​:
Transparency regarding the origin of the articles, being able to put a face, to tell a story, an experience behind each brand and each creator.

Respect for people and the planet in relation to production (selection of raw materials used and the quality of products made) and transparency in the distribution chain (ecological / human /local production).

Valorisation of the know-how and the hand-made (authenticity and originality)

Our vision: together we can move from the "fast fashion" to “Slow Fashion” or “soft Fashion” buying responsibly, re-using instead of throwing, by changing our habits, by consuming locally, ethically, sustainable and recycling.