Jewelry and bags: student work on accessories.

The exhibit created between the work of the jewelry students (Institut Jeanne Toussaint) and the work resulting from the Maroquinerie Workshop (Institut Jeanne Tousaint x LaCambre Accessoires) was an opportunity for an encounter between projects combining know-how and aesthetic research . Both in jewelry and in leather goods students have relied on techniques, specific to their craft, to offer accessories that seek to go beyond tradition, thus opening new technical and aesthetic possibilities. As part of the Leatherworking Workshop, from an imposed constraint, "assembling leather without using a sewing machine", each student explored a technique of assembly that they then integrated into an existing bag. The hybrid results testify to the effervescence that accessories represent today showing us new aesthetic proposals in leather goods. Located in the center of Brussels, at the heart of Belgian creativity, JOYA BRUSSELS is a boutique dedicated to contemporary jewelry and its artists. On the occasion of the Design September, JOYA BRUSSELS opens its doors to these young and promising creators.