R.A.L. (Bruno Ollé)

Atelier Relief is a meeting between artists and craftmans. Exhibition, production and creativity, three axes from the new art space dedicated for artistic collaboration. A living exhibition space where visitors and artists meet. A space which provoc inspiration, exchanges and meetings. An idyllic area thought to welcome «Reliefs». : Pieces worn by the unique concept of framing which give another meaning - dimension to the images. The exhibition is placed in a house, it looks like an academy, with bigs lighting alcoves. A projection room, a library, an open terrasse….and some artistes working, happy to see visitors walking around and being inspired by art pieces they would own. A production area where artists, creators and craftmans can meet to realize great ideas. Open collaborations which give the opportunity for people to create reliefs, or real objets thought to give new uniques perspectives. All the pieces, created in this workspace surounded by tools, atmosphere, emotion and knowledge, are brought by the artist or exhibited. A short time artist residence, to give them the opportunity to create unique projects. A « Place to work », and not only a « place to be ». The new arty address.