"The real never interested anyone. It is a place of disenchantment, a simulacrum of accumulation against death. What sometimes renders the real fascinating is the imaginary catastrophe, which lies behind it." Jean BAUDRILLARD

It is a questioning installation on the ambiguous truth / or falsehood on the function of the mirror object, and of our own reflection. Chimerical and deceptive instrument, which is seductive and vertiginous for others only because each one is the first to loose themselves in it.
Concealing away from any grip that which it reflects with indifference, giving us things to see in order to better conceal. Voyeur, which allows us to look at what the eyes do not want to face directly.
The presence of spikes reflects a dangerous path, which can lead to something else, the other side of the mirror?

Incitement to meditate about the inevitable perils of life's course, about the vanity of appearances.