Young Design & Craft from Bratislava

Lecture “School of Applied Arts in Bratislava (1928-1939)”, Slovak Design Centre and Exhibition “Young Design & Craft from Bratislava”, Josef Vydra School of Applied Arts

The lecture “School of Applied Arts in Bratislava (1928-1939)“ of the curator Ms. Simona Beresova from the Slovak Design Centre will concentrate on the history of the school followed by screening of documentaries. The School of Applied Arts, also called ŠUR, was established 90 years ago in 1928 and it has fundamentally influenced the Slovak visual culture as well as education of art in Slovakia and the Czech Republic. It was an advocate of the international art school reform movement, which comprised institutions such as the German Bauhaus. Many international artists, designers, architects and art critics like Hannes Mayer, Ernő Kállai and L. Moholy-Nagy had contacts with the school and came to Bratislava to present their work there. The School of Applied Arts was closed before the WW2 in 1939 and reopened after the war with its successor the Josef Vydra School of Applied Arts, which exists until nowadays.

Students of the Josef Vydra School of Applied Arts prepare an exhibition of their works. Samples of current student work from the contemporary activities of several school departments are made of different materials such as paper, wood, stone, ceramics, textile, etc. They will be presented in the exhibition „Young Design & Craft from Bratislava.“

Josef Vydra School of Applied Arts, Slovakia
Josef Vydra School of Applied Arts in Bratislava is the oldest art school in Slovakia, originally founded as the School of Applied Arts (ŠUR) in 1928. Its methodology and scope of education was deliberately linked to the growing European trend in art education set by the German avant-garde Bauhaus school. Historian, theorist of folk arts, ethnographer and educationist Josef Vydra became the founder and the first director of ŠUR.
ŠUR functioned until 1938 when, due to the influence of European fascism, its activities were halted by the authorities. After World War II the School of Art Industries (SAI) was re-established.
Josef Vydra School of Applied Arts (SAA) is a new name of our school which characterises its current concept and specification on developing and avant-garde ideas. The curriculum involves general and practical subjects and is specified according to a particular course focusing on the synthesis of theoretical, technical, and art skills. Our school has already educated several generations of significant artists and experts who have contributed to the development of Slovak art life and represented it in the world.
In 2007 it published a 500-page book with more than a thousand photographs and colour reproductions that maps the school’s history from its foundation to the present.

Slovak Design Centre, Bratislava
The Slovak Design Centre (SDC) was established in 1991 by the Ministry of Culture. The mission of SDC as the only professional organization for this field is to gather, store, and spread information about design, to initiate and create platforms for development and support of design in Slovakia, and to suggest conceptions of design development.
The objective of the SDC is to research, evaluate and explain design, architecture and applied arts in the society through exhibitions in Slovak Museum of Design. Furthermore, the SDC focuses on popularization of design by organizing several art competitions. The presentation of the art is subsequently located in two exhibition facilities conducted by the SDC: Gallery SCD Satellite and Slovak Museum of Design. The SDC prepare the only specialized publication about design in Slovakia, and provide information about active designers from the country.
SDC cooperates with designers, companies, agencies, public administration, professional international organizations, and schools specializing in design.

Exhibition: 26.09 12am > 3pm & 5pm > 6.30pm Lecture: 26.09 6.30pm > 8pm