NoMoreTwist & Charlotte Lancelot showroom opening

CocoLAB is a showroom-workshop shared by designer Charlotte Lancelot, and the NoMoreTwist label.

The textile creation studio "NoMoreTwist" presents a new production of objects that highlight jacquard weaves. These fabrics are the result of experiments on a loom playing around the color, the thread and its interlocking. A technical and sensitive approach of the material to discover in the presence of the designers.

Samples of the new collection Canevas Geo designed by Charlotte Lancelot for the Spanish editor Gan ( will be shown during the Design September 2018 event. In the line of the previous Canevas collection, Canevas Geo re-visits traditional embroidery stitches on a perforated felt sheet. The carpet results of the intertwining of three textures creating areas of different colours and density. Each carpet is shown with two pillows arranging an harmonious atmosphere.

Showcase visible throughout the month of September, Opening of the showroom on September 15th and 16th

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