FabLab'ke Open doors

The House of Cultures of the City of Molenbeek hosts the fablab’ke. This project, financed by EU Feder, is a partnership between iMAL ASBL, LES ASBL and the City. Our goal is to provide a place for discoveries, research and teaching towards kids and teenagers. Our fablab has the traditional equipment like a laser cutter, 3d printers, a cnc, arduino kits, soldering equipment and woodworking tools. Still in the building process, we already host workshops every week (one for school, one for teenagers / year long, and a family lab). The family lab takes place every saturday and is open to every kid with his/her parents, and also to teenagers. No subscription needed, visit us with an idea or a project, we’ll help you make it real! The ‘ke part in Fablab’ke means that our fablab is a small one in the Brussels dialect