Design Senses

Gem Studio is a new underground project in Molenbeek launched by Sophie Heymans. It is a place where Sophie wants to share her passion for arts and design and connect young designers with experienced talents. They exchange their views during her “Tables d’artistes”, and then create new projects. Design September is pleased to launch the first project of GEM Studio. What to expect? You will discover a very personal selection of the works of four Belgian contemporary jewelry designers. Isabelle Lenfant, Rembrandt Jordan, Laurent Fontainas and Sophie Heymans. Four creative minds gave birth to two creations on the theme of senses. A haute couture design by Alhoor Mitha De Bharat (designer), made by Sophie Heymans (goldsmith) and Veerle Van Overloop (ceramist). A ready-to-wear object designed by Sophie Heymans(designer), made by Veerle van Overloop (ceramist). Both pieces are perfumed by Catherine Cianci to create an original olfactory experience. The pieces will be exhibited in the latest design of Katjuša Kranjc Kuhar and Rok Kuhar, winner of the red dot label award 2017.