Mei LEE & 13 créateurs de bijoux contemporains International

Mountain and Mineraux山與石 Mei LEE & 13 International contemporary jewelry Mei lee, born in Taiwan in 1966, interior designer and contemporary jewelry designer . She lives and works in Brussels since 1995. Three years ago I was in the Himalayas for 15 days on the mountains, to walk eight hours a day accompanied by the rocks, plains and rivers. Amazed by the beauty of this unique nature, the desire to transform all the beauties of nature in jewelry comes alone. A big challenge but the time eventually make this achievement possible. The "Himalaya" theme combines techniques of traditional jewelry and Oriental lacquer. Layer after layer, on a silver basis, as the formation of the mountains from the ground. I have invited 13 other creators of contemporary jewellery which will present their creations on the theme of the minerals. All these creations around the theme of nature will be presented as an installation in an open space. Hoping that the public has a different view from what they knows of the jewellery.