@xnovodesign, on the brink between design and sculpture Xnovodesign is a Brussels based design agency specialised in furniture design, interior projects, retail and styling. Christophe Sergeant, Belgian interior architect and designer, founder of xnovodesign, advocates the shape as an aim in its own right without being secondary to its functional aspect.Therefore he breaks with functionalism where the shape of an object is the direct result of the purpose of that object. His approach, on the brink between design and sculpture, as in a mix-up of artistic disciplines, produces furniture with a strong scenographic impact on the space in which it stands. Straight or curved lines, superpositions and juxtapositions of shapes and materials originate from an architectural approach and are able to amaze our senses and exalt our interiors. Christophe Sergeant designs for various furniture brands but has also his own furniture collection «Mise en scène» of which he is the editor. On the occasion of Design September 2017, he will present «Mise en scène - Reprise» , new additions to the collection «Mise en scène».