Lumina - WHEN THE PAST MEETS THE PRESENT: a media installation designed and produced by the Brussels Creative Agency ACTLD and presented as part of Design September. Lumina’s ambition aims to trigger emotions by playing with light and reflection in a specific space. This installation has been inspired by the use of candles as a traditional light source revisited in association with new technology. Lumina includes 200 “Boogie’s”, artificial candles designed, developed and produced by ACTLD. They will be individually controlled and staged specially for the Halles Saint-Géry so visitors can appreciate a different perspective on the Halles’ central obelisk during Design September. Take an ancient setting in the heart of Brussels, an old poultry market that is now used as a vibrant exhibition venue. Take a traditional light source and adapt it to our society’s advanced technologies. Then mix these two elements together… and discover Lumina from the 8th to the 30th of September 2017!