Polish Design Island

POLISH DESIGN ISLAND 2017 Gdansk - BRUSSELS - Lodz - Copenhagen - Szczecin. Polish Design Island is a project presenting the most interesting design from Poland. 30 designers, cooperation of 10 regions and cities of Poland, 5 European destinations, 7000 kilometers of journey and 8 weeks of exhibition are the PDI Festival edition this year. PDI is distinguished by the compactness of placing exhibits in a black, exclusively presented sea container (Mobile Cultural Institute) arranged in the pattern of living space. This year's edition is measured with the slogan "ecology" and it just subordinates the selection of exhibits. 30 objects represent the ideas of sustainable development, showing different methods of designing form, function or meaning while minimizing the so-called. Eco footprint The Polish Design Island 2017 exhibition presents objects whose creators embodied sustainable ideas in their design practice. The very convention of the exhibition, which is a selection of objects created and produced in specific regions of Poland, fulfills the postulate of ecological, sustainable production. This year's exhibition is a collection of objects of various forms, scales and purposes. They have one thing in common: the human factor. Behind every subject stands a particular person and the thought that made him: from what need, for what purpose, for how long. Each object is a specific message sent at a given place and time. Creating an exhibition was quite a puzzle. Composed as an arrangement of the living space, it took care of the selection of products in terms of form, function and significance. To compose a coherent, complete story, from different stories, from different parts, from different places in Poland. We solve a similar puzzle by making daily choices: what to buy, what to eat, what mode of transport to choose. A balanced attitude is to consciously build relationships with the environment, with one another, with the objects we surround ourselves with. It's a collection of small, balanced choices that make up the larger landscape. PDI covered by the Honorary Patronage of the Polish Embassy and the Polish Institute in Brussels. Opening of the exhibition, accompanied by 3D mapping and cocktail 11.09.2017, 20.00 – Place St. Catherine