Objets de Madagascar

The Crabe d’Or is born from a desire of creation with and on the island of Madagascar. Its culture, its craftsmen, its resources and its landscapes are the workshop’s matters.
In Antananarivo, hills and sawmills are part of the landscape. This goes hand in hand with the strong handcrafted heritage - wood, iron, clay ... - of Madagascar. Whether singular, daily or architectural objects, the achievements of the Crabe d’Or always result from a confluence between architects and craftsmen, knowledge and know-how. When one draws, the other one decrypts then manufactures. The know-how completes the thought. And conversely, it can sometimes replace the hand’s power - his findings.
In Malagasy, "volana" means both "moon" and "month". In the language, the time is linked to the environment. And yet, in two hundred years, facing deforestation, tavy cultivation - burning primary forests to make rice paddies and pasture for zebus - the island will be fully peeled. The Easter Island myth weighs in on the red island. We are also working on a land-use planning project in the Highlands of the island to introduce "a balance between Man, his behavior and his environment".