Today's digital and IT-focused age provides us with many tools to make our lives easier or simpler. At the same time however it deprives us of many previously natural abilities and skills. We are losing our sense of orientation, we don't know how to plan, and if we can't find a piece of information on Google, we think it doesn't exist. Likewise, due to the massive spread of 3D modelling and print, new generations of students are losing their intuition for materials and their tectonics, for a sense of scale. Perhaps it is just a period of transition, after which an age of bionics will come and all today's technologies will be incorporated into qualitatively new beings.

Before that happens, we want to provide students with real-world experiences through the use of analogue processes – sketching by hand, working with materials in the workshop, using basic mechanical principles.

Our presentation focuses on the mechanical propulsion of various products or artistic objects. Students of the Product Design studio created analogue clocks, gramophones, toys and moving sculptures that use the "guts" of old alarm clocks, sewing machines, mechanical winding mechanisms or the principles thereof.

We believe in the playfulness and also the aesthetic of machines, which can help us expand our virtual horizons.