Erna Aaltonen & Pekka Paikkari

Puls Gallery, founded by Annette Sloth, has an exceptional expertise in international contemporary ceramics and is a leading platform when it comes to the future of ceramic art. This autumn, the gallery presents works by the two internationally renowned designers Erna Aaltonen and Pekka Paikkari. Finnish designer Erna Aaltonen’s elegant, hand-made pottery is acclaimed worldwide for combining coarse surfaces with refined precision. She uses neither potter’s wheel nor moulds, building her colourful work slowly, layer by layer. Aaltonen’s conceptual minimalism is complemented with a selection of work by Finnish artist Pekka Paikkari, who has a strong interest in the history of pottery, and brings out its importance as a marker of human civilization and a container of time. Presenting his pots, brick, and tiles as found objects, the work carries a particular archaeological aesthetic. This universality, however, is countered by the closeness of the moulded touch and an occasional sense of humour. We are extremely curious to see how these positions and their personal take on the material will play out together.