At the 2016 Brussels Design September edition, Gufram will exhibit at the Diito Dansaert store. Gufram is a handcraft workshop that represents Italian creativity. With its experimentations tied to aesthetic, technological and materials research, it creates seats and furniture that have made the history of design. What counts for Gufram is the commitment to preserve that subtle irony which has always been part of its DNA, and that it shares with the designers with whom it collaborates, their admirers, and all those willing to get involved in this original and surreal vision of domestic landscape. Gufram and Diito Dansaert will present during the Design September edition the explosive unconventional force of the Italian Radical Design concept, aesthetic, code and style. Cactus halltree, Bocca sofa shaped as a pair of sexy lips and the unconventional huge Soap seat are just a few examples.