Au ReTour

The exhibition, talk and events at Congres station will be curated by Dear pigs,. Their artistic perspective will be manifested and challenged by the work they exhibit and the discussions that take place over the course of the exhibition. A selection of the work displayed will be work that was created during their latest project ‘Au ReTour' Au ReTour was commissioned by Recylart, a temporary tower was constructed to host the public and different activities that took place over the Recyclart summer program (2016). Key to the Au ReTour project was the idea of an ‘anti-manifesto’: NO MANIFESTO – BE MANIFEST About: Dear Pigs explores new creative paths with a diverse approach. The broad nature of their previous projects represents their curiosity, and the open nature of their working process. They embrace spontaneity and believe in an intuitive approach to developing art. Formed in 2012, Dear pigs, works in several disciplines. From graphic to architectural interventions their work explores boundaries, and above all challenges the audience to question the nature of what they see,