Parideo, Less Is More


PARIDEO, Less is More!
Monday > Saturday - 11:00 > 19:00

The word “ideal” is often used excessively. Yet Matthieu Cogels is driven by an ideal of perfection.
With Parideo, he offers an eclectic selection of beautiful, functional, durable and stylish objects.

A creative, hands-on talent, Matthieu Cogels launched an E-shop dedicated to contemporary design in 2015. The selection is done according to his favorites: "I have a weakness for modular objects; in addition to being functional, they allow everyone to identify with them". The objects can be touched, tamed; they blend into and bring character to your interior. They are designed to last: beautiful materials form a patina; any well-designed object evolves with people.

Matthieu seeks out Belgian as well as European designers often unknown in Belgium. Beyond the object, he is interested in the designer’s philosophy, his creative approach, his expertise: "Through Parideo, I wish to showcase conscientious craftsmens and introduce these artists of the everyday life to the general public ". Parideo avoids trite design and therefore proposes only original, "mature" objects that convey meaning and values.

Parideo does not compromise and demands full transparency from the designers it works with. Each object is chosen for its qualities: purity of lines, durability, uniqueness of design, high-quality materials, quality of manufacture and especially an exclusively European production!

With a view to sustainable consumption, the collection of objects is reduced to the essential and evolves over the months. "I do not wish to sell dozens of pieces that meet the same function, nor to put my designers in competition with each other. Above all, I want to offer innovative solutions and value their designers! "

Parideo is also a private showroom in the heart of Brussels: 130m² dedicated to design.
It is like being at home. From the kitchen to the living room, from the bathroom to the bedroom. Each room is a source of inspiration.

Parideo is currently collaborating with many designers such as Hiroshi Tsunoda, Adam & Arborth, Jaanus Orgusaar, Ding3000, Maria Berntsen, Holmegaard, Florence Aobadia, Philippe Bouveret, Heerenhuis, Sascha Sartory, ...
Most of our designers have been awarded numerous prizes.

Date event : 06.09 > 30.09 Vernissage: 05/09/2019 18h>22h Tel: +32494901966 address: avenue du Prince Héritier 118 - 1200 Bruxelles Website: