raw materials


The Chill Chair meets Hey Jute
Zigmund Pront in collaboration with Alexander Marinus

In the installation ‘raw materials’, Pront and Marinus explore the softness of basic, raw materials such as steel and jute.
The steel of the Chill Chair hints at the wild and uncut. The two elements of the chair keep each other in balance. The way these elements are folded, determines the internal force and at the same time the featherlight seating comfort. This chaise longue slowly bends in an organic way along with the body it carries, or merely by the blowing of the wind. These chairs chill and cradle. They wobble and waggle. They rock.
Marinus probes the benefits of the pure, natural and light colored fiber of jute. This gives the Chill Chair an extra aesthetic and ergonomic dimension.
‘Raw materials’ represents the creative process of both designers.

Vernissage 19.09 6pm > 9pm
Event Saturday 21 & 28.09 and Sunday 22 & 29.09 2pm > 7pm

Date event : 19.09 > 29.09 Vernissage: 19/09/2019 6PM Tel: 0(32) 498 83 56 47 address: LEON°16 rue de witte de haelenstreet 16 1000 Brussels Website: http://www.zigmundpront.be