Glim DESIGN Luminaires


The designer and architect, Gaëlle Limbosch, brings nature and light into our interiors. Her contemporary wooden lamps are slender and airy. Their sensual curves are inspired by the sculptural beauty of nature and, like the wisteria stalks, encircle and progress towards the light.
Already as an architect, Gaëlle Limbosch has always based her creative approach on the search for light. She creates homes “to live in”, ones that are distinguished by personal, contemporary and sustainable details. This search for personalized solutions has led her to designing and creating furniture as well as lamps that claim a bond with two of Brussels’s iconic styles, Art Nouveau and Art Deco.
"When designing buildings," she says, "I often asked myself how one would live in the spaces I create, which has led me to deeper research into shapes and materials. In a minimalist approach, I look for sleek design that interweaves lines and curves in a play of light and lightness. Steel and wood are my favourite materials to achieve the effects I want to produce. Steel, by its resistance, allows to refine the structures whereas wood, the most natural material of all, brings softness and sensuality into curves."
Living and working in Uccle, Gaëlle Limbosch sculpts her lamps by finding inspiration in the surrounding nature. Her works, all unique and handcrafted, owe their natural forms to a woodwork using multiple techniques. This noble and living material allows itself to be shaped while imposing its personality and uniqueness on the designer. It breathes life into these poetic and unique creations.
Gaëlle Limbosch exhibits her most recent creations in her recently renovated studio house, opening onto a preserved green space, directly connected to the Kinsendael-Kriekenput nature reserve.
Trained in Florence (Italy) where she lived for 13 years, Gaëlle Limbosch has multiplied experiences in architecture and urban planning since returning to Brussels in 2003. Since 2017, she has extended the range of her activities to design.

Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays from 14:00 to 18:00 or by appointment.

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