Luca Beel


Luca Beel (°1990) is a Ghent-based visual artist. She graduated as a photographer at Luca School of Arts Ghent in 2013 and currently works as a freelance architectural photographer and designer of objects and installations. Her “Luca Bowl” will be shown on the Contemporary Design Market. Luca started experimenting with concrete and the old Italian technique Terrazzo in 2014, when she executed the first prototype of the “Luca Bowl”. It is a handmade fruit bowl of 47 cm diameters with a smooth sanded terrazzo surface and a rough concrete bottom. Luca offers handmade bowls in different colors, stones and granulates. On request, the bowl can be customized to meet your personal taste. These special editions are not only possible in your favorite colors but also with your own treasures like stones or seashells you’ve found on a beach or even your childhood marbles. The options are endless. As of 2020 the Luca Bowl is also available as a sink for your bathroom in different sizes and all sorts of mixtures.
Date event : 26-09 & 27-09 Opening hours: 10am-6pm Tel: +32473487194 address: Avenue du Port 86C, 1000 Bruxelles Website: