C-19 Table


C-19 Table During these two confined months, our office, AWAA Architects, developed a table questioning social distancing. For Design September, from the 12th until the 20th of September, we will be in the old Taschen Store on the Place du Sablon to present our tables in a Pop-Up Bar supported by Duvel & DJ Jade Jones. It will be an opportunity to be able to share a drink while experiencing both conviviality and social distancing on the terrace and indoors. Proceeds from the sales will be donated by Duvel to the Saint Luc Clinics Emergency Fund. The C-19 table is an organic shaped table created to be assembled in various configurations to respond to different situations of proximity or distance. The convex side enhances the proximity of the users while offering the required social distance in other configurations. By assembling 4 elements, they can form a square table for 8 people or an “open petal” table for 4 people. These are two examples of configurations among an infinite number of possibilities. This playful and multifunctional aspect offers a wealth of possibilities for the private or the public sector, for purposes as diverse as bars, restaurants, meeting or study rooms, office, classrooms, dining rooms ... Depending on the selected base, the top can be adapted as a low or high table and made from a wide variety of materials ranging from natural wood to recycled and antimicrobial materials. This table is the outcome of an in-depth reflection on our built environment and an adaption to a lifestyle now recently toppled by social distancing on new common spaces that was carried on the development of a building for Duvel’s "social ruimtes".
Date event : 12-09 > 20-09 Opening hours: 2-8 pm Vernissage: 12/09 6pm Tel: +32477619600 address: 18 Rue Lebeau à 1000 Bruxelles Website: http://www.awaa.biz