Hell's Kitchen


On the occasion of the Design September edition, Zaventem Ateliers presents its next Showcase; Hell’s Kitchen. Going beyond just being an exhibition, it will also be a culinary workshop: a space dedicated to experimenting with new culinary ideas and sensations. Indeed, Zaventem Ateliers was born from the desire to push the boundaries of design, craftsmanship and art by forging dialogue between different practices. Although this spirit of research had not yet extended to cooking, its art and its know-how, this ambition has been part of the plan since the early hours of the Zaventem Ateliers project. For this event, Zaventem Ateliers has chosen to collaborate with different personalities from the culinary world. Every Thursday in September, a new chef will be invited to experience the space and explore the possibilities offered by his practice. The space will be imagined as a large machine whereby the different creations of the varying workshops will be displayed between the 4 walls of the Great Hall. Starting by the open fire, it is a space where everything will be visible, even pieces that are usually hidden in the back rooms. What if it was in the depths of this machine, to wander along its pipes, to see materials change colors and shapes, to be surprised by the clash of metallic objects, to wander in the smoke and the mixture of smells that the kitchen appeared to us in all its clarity? [INFORMATION] Showcase opening from Monday to Friday from 12 to 6pm Date of the Culinary Workshops evening ONLY BY RESERVATIONS ( hellskitchen.zav@gmail.com) : • 11/09 8pm with Thomas Troupin • 17/09 8pm with Willem Hiele • 24/09 8pm with Hendrik Dierendonck • 01/10 8pm with Cédric Dassonville These extraordinary dinners in the Hell's Kitchen facility are paying and by reservation only, they are limited to 30 people for a budget between 100/150 euros per person. Guests are invited from 6pm in order to have the opportunity to see the workshops, dinner will start at 8pm.
Date event : 11-09 > 01-10 Opening hours: Mo-Fri 12am-6pm - Workshop 11-17-24-09 & 01-10 only by reservation Tel: 025380593 address: 15/19 Fabrieksstraat 1930 Zaventem Website: http://www.zaventemateliers.com