Kamila Lewandowska - Bees Love Blue - Future Man 2052


There will be no future if we will not take care of our presence. "Bees love blue" and it is the message we should remember. My project is a statement on behalf of these little creatures for which I chose textiles as its medium. This piece should first make you curious and then more conscious about nature around us and human impact on it. If you are already wondering why "blue" - congratulations! - you are one step closer to expand your empathy, gain more knowledge and take action for a cooler world.
Date event : 09-09-2020 Opening hours: 18-09-2020 Vernissage: 08.09 at 6 p.m. (RSVP bds@lodzkie.pl) Tel: 02 230 96 18 address: Mont des Arts,8, Brussels 1000 Website: https://bds.lodzkie.pl