Le Sacre de la Matière


L’Ancienne Nonciature is an iconic cultural landmark and the 19th century embassy of the Vatican in Brussels; now, it has also become a “place to be” for the art scene as a “new embassy of the Arts.” Spazio Nobile is holding its first “beyond the walls” exhibition : Le Sacre de la Matière at the invitation of the hosts-owners and creators Anne Derasse and Jörg Bräuer, who are also actively involved into the exhibition. Lise Coirier and Gian Giuseppe Simeone, founders of Spazio Nobile and art historians themselves, accentuate with them and Le Sacre de la Matière their shared philosophy and culture of the authenticity, the contemporary applied arts rooted in experimentation and craftmanship, and the nobility of natural materials that patinate with the passage of time. The following artists are featured: • Kaspar Hamacher: German-speaking Belgian artist and designer, he gives life and nobility to the oak and beech essences at the heart of his solid wood furniture • Fabian von Spreckelsen: German artist, he creates remarkable animal sculptures in Corten steel • Jörg Bräur: German photographer and painter, he takes photos of landscapes as the Falaises on the Albâtre coast or of the sculptures in the gardens of France’s château de Vaux-Le-Vicomte • Anne Derasse: Belgian interior architect and art historian, she approaches her projects like a «Gesamtkunstwerk» including her furniture designs, as she seeks to express timeless yet paradoxically contemporary universes • Silvano Magnone: Italian photographer, he creates his images using the old wet-collodion photographic process from the mid-19th century • Sébastien Caporusso: Belgian interior architect and designer he expresses himself in poetic combinations of stone and marble, wood, brass and leather, eclecticism and grace, in a quest for minerality and the alchemy of beautiful materials in elegant and organic shapes. www.nonciature.com
Date event : 04-03 > 14-10 Opening hours: Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday 2-6pm Tel: +3227682510 address: Ancienne Nonciature - Rue des Sablons 7- 1000 Bruxelles Website: http://www.spazionobile.com