Studio Élémentaires


Studio Élémentaires is a french design studio founded in 2013 by Apolline Couverchel and Gauthier Haziza. Designers and artists, the duo create with the inspiration of two essential elements at the heart of their work : light and movement. Their kinetic installations stage a poetic dimension always complimented with a fascination for the beauty of technique. This unique creative approach, at the crossroads of craftsmanship and new technologies, gives their works a radical force that is both conceptual and aesthetic. Interactive, evolving and performative, their moving sculptures confront through the notion of cycle, sequence, our relationship with time. Creators, but also narrators, Apolline and Gauthier tell a story through each of their artistic installations. Commissioned for and presented in different circles : Art, interior architecture, or luxury, their installations invigorate places of life, both public and private.
Date event : 11-09 Opening hours: 18-09 Vernissage: / Tel: +33678343364 address: Rue de la Fabrique 15/19 1930 Zaventem Website: