Olivier Goka à  la A Galerie

Upcycling & Fablabs

Belgian artist, based in Brussels, Olivier Goka has specialized himself in creating original works made of recycled plastic. He recovers and assembles all kind of objects collected here and there to make plenty of unexpected compositions and characters. All those objects or parts of objects, mainly made of plastic, are found on the street, in bins at flea markets or brought by friends and family who are members of the Recycle Club which Olivier founded. Olivier then commits to a simple principle for the assemblage: no change in the shape and color of the original recovered parts. Since the beginning of his activity, Olivier Goka collaborates with photographer Bernard Babette who realizes all shots of the plastic work. Sculptures / objects and photographs are presented together at exhibitions, including those of the "Collection Vonpischmeyer" real fake collection of African masks and statues, all made from recycled plastic. Alongside his personal work, Olivier Goka also responds to orders of photographic pictures, adapting his creation in many different areas.
Date event : 10-09 Opening hours: 10-10 Vernissage: / Tel: 0497 97 57 15 address: Rue du Page 25, 1050 Ixelles Website: http://www.oliviergoka.com