Upcycling & Fablabs

/ EN : With Cityfab 3, the Makers from Brussels can have available a place with numeric and mechanical tools for their projects. For this first exhibition, we want to highlight a collective who represent a nice evolution of craft, by mixing traditional know-how, digital tools and reuse materials. With their workshop, their craftsmen.women based in Brussels and their materials sourced there too, they create a 100% belgian creation loop that we invite you to discover Rue des vétérinaires 42, in Anderlecht during the week-end of September 26,27th. Macocoï is a textile collective formed by seven young textile designers and based in Brussels . The collective explores the textile medium very freely both in the field of design and art. Combining, superimposing and merging various creative techniques, textiles or not, that is their leitmotiv. Above all guided by a curiosity and a taste for interbreeding, they have opened up an experimental laboratory to their respective sensibilities. The Macocoï collective appropriates and diverts existing means of creation to offer them. The process is the focal point of their creations. Seeing the collective as a creative and forward-looking generator where ideas circulate, collide and mix, openness, experimentation and sharing are values that guide them in their creative work How to create in a more responsible way ? Macocoï collective proposes a creative and experimental research about a waste material : the tarpaulin. How to upcycle this material and make it reborn ? Macocoï gave to those tarpaulins a second life thanks to different forms : cutting, printing, overlaying, heat sealing, interlocking, weaving... The designers are playing with the material and develop a colorful and graphic repertoire. The BaLô project is the first result of this research. Binding the material transformation to the body, the designers imagined a serie of backpacks. Thanks to a photo reportage led by one of them in Vietnam, they were inspired by their original means of transportations using mostly straps and the overlaying principle. They finally mixed those different influences to develop playful backpacks.
Date event : 26-09 Opening hours: 27-09 Vernissage: 9h à 19h Tel: 0471388151 address: rue de vétérinaires 42 Anderlecht Website: http://www.microfactory.be/cityfab3