NIYONA presents the UKIYO Collection


NIYONA is an independent studio created in 2010 specialized in the design and production of high-end leather goods, combining sound expertise with a taste for the unusual. Approaching craftsmanship in a refreshing way -while pushing the boundaries of creative design and actual manufacturing- NIYONA takes on innovative and exciting projects, which reflect its core values and unique savoir faire. Playing with the idea of the mad scientist, the whole team loves to experiment with leather and enjoy themselves, turning NIYONA into an unconventional research lab. Based in the centre of Brussels (Belgium), the studio has the ability to carry out individual projects from start to finish, allowing them to be designed, developed and produced in-house. Imagined as an interactive and dynamic platform, NIYONA is as comfortable with one-of-a-kind artistic works as it is with larger scaled orders, given its flexibility as an independent company. NIYONA has developed customized projects and created exclusive leather goods for the likes of Maison Vervloet, Florentine Kitchen Knives (ES), designer Jean-François d’Or, architects Dieter Vander Velpen, Arjaan de Feyter, the creative duo Lernert&Sander (NL), the restaurants : Bon-Bon**, LaPaix**, La Table de Maxime**, La Villa in the Sky**, Restaurant FRED** (NL), Thierry Marx*** (FR), Bozar Restaurant*, Couvert-Couvert*, Castor*, Substance* (FR)… master butcher Dierendonck & Carcasse* ; the hotels Chiltern Firehouse (UK), Four Seasons (KU) and many others. The collection or series of objects we want to propose has been named “UKIYO”, wich means ‘floating world’ as these are made to sublime it surroundings or things they contain and give pleasure to its owner. The collection is inspired by the decorative arts and is both functional and decorative with some strong graphical and poetical shapes. It’s a series that exists in 4 families of 3 conical-based sizes and forms each; mirrors, candleholders, trays and domes. Each of these families has been designed to respond to a potential market that we wish to prospect and/or expand; It is both specific and versatile and can be used in various conditions. The big domes could be bells for fine dining and gastronomic restaurants, the medium sized domes for the dining rooms to hide fruits,… Small domes to hide cell phones, keys ... The trays can be used in the living room, reception room, entrance hall, ... The wall mirrors can be proposed by interior designers to their customers or in boudoir format for opticians, specific stores, ... Etc… The choice for the main material goes obviously to full grained leather, vegetable tanned for the outside and a lining in velvet leather. For the choices of the other materials we decided to used (handmade) natural brass accents and traditional Roman Travertine stone. The mirrors are cut with water jet and can have a gray or bronze aspect regarding the desired asthetics. This selection of materials is related to the choice of objects that we want to achieve. As an artisan, ethical and sustainable values are important. When we make a product it is not a free act. The use of noble and precious materials, the taste for a job well done and, naturally, increased quality requirements are part of our values.
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