Synesthesia by Geneviève Levivier


Geneviève Levivier, artist and textile designer will exhibit her latest creations full of visual and tactile surprises at Balthasar, the new place to be, dedicated to «collectible» Belgian artists and artisans. Proposing a new form of creation largely inspired by her know-how in textiles, pictorial techniques and an experimental eco-responsible design process Geneviève’s tapestries are conceived and interpreted as abstract paintings.The majority of her works, using flowers, plants, egg shells, natural fibers etc. interact with light as if attempting to imitate stained glass. She explains «I try to capture a moment in the fluid natural world and strive to render it somewhat eternal. My works conserve a portion of nature, interact with it and hopefully stimulate contemplation and interpretation.» Textiles, as a medium, offer infinite possibilities of interaction with space and light in parallel with her body and its five senses, guided by the notion of synesthesia. Creating in harmony with a place or a theme, she conceives tapestries, sculptures or wearable collections as does a composer of musical variations. Balthasar will host these often surprising works in their diverse facets including the latest hitherto unseen creations.
Date event : 10-09 > 30-09 Opening hours: 11am-7pm Tel: 0476457706 address: Place du Grand Sablon 40, 1000 Bruxelles Website: