Plastic Factory Design September

Upcycling & Fablabs

Thursday > Sunday 11am - 6pm Plastic Factory is a family collective created in September 2018 in Uccle (bruxelles), inspired and part of the Precious Plastic community. A sculptor father, a graphic designer mother and their designer daughter, all merged their capacities in order to create this project which consists in recovering a maximum of used plastics and recycling them in order to produce new useful and multi-functional objects. The machines used are all "home made" and designed with a maximum of recovery component. The mainly recycled material is plastic in the form of caps and is collected in an organic and local grocery store in the neighborhood, followed by a sorting and cleaning process by hand in their workshop. The caps are crushed and stored by type of plastic and color. A color palette is ready to use ... The last step is the coolest: Create! The work is done around a plastic, ergonomic, aesthetic, (multi) functional research to arrive at the best result.
Date event : 10-09 > 27-09 Opening hours: Thursday > Sunday 11am - 6pm Tel: +32493605034 address: 461 chaussée d'alsemberg 1180 bruxelles Website: